• Great fun, great service.

    Maureen Martin
    Executive Director, Foundation Relations and Program Initiatives
    Foundation Relations
  • Michigan Creative does quality work and the people working on the projects are very knowledgeable. When planning projects, Michigan Creative is always one of the options I consider.

    Mike Morland
    Marketing and Communications Manager
    Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Overall comprehensive excellent service

    Wendy Palms
    MCubed Associate Director
  • Expert staff who also understand the University

    Paul Robinson
    Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar
    Office of Enrollment Management
  • great items & professional service

    Corinne Robertson
    Bentley Historical Library
  • Great collaboration, understanding business and quick turn around.

    Renee Jordan
    Fleet Manager
    Transportation Services
  • The team that I work with is very organized, accommodating, and productive. I am very impressed with their creativity.

    Kimberly Johnson
    Communications Manager, Aerospace Engineering
    College of Engineering
  • Great service… great product!!

    Rick Vanden Heuval
    Director, Research Development
    Office of the Associate Dean for Research
  • Great work and ongoing support

    Maureen S Martin
    Executive Director, Foundation Relations
    Office of University Development
  • The changes were made in a timely fashion and accurately. The charges were reasonable

    Deborah Schilz
    Administrative Assistant
    Office of the Vice President for Government Relations
  • Hilary Robinson! She has been so accommodating and helpful as SOE has started to focus on brand, marketing, and the production of recruiting materials. I feel that our faculty will be more open to Michigan Creative than external firms.

    Danielle Dimcheff
    Communications Manager
    School of Education
  • Creativity & professional collaboration

    Grant Winston
    Associate Director
    Parking & Transportation Services
  • Michigan Creative’s staff has always been great to work with!

    Laura Chanoux
    Project Coordinator
    LSA International Institue
  • High-quality work

    Maria Ceo
    Associate Hospital Director for Operations and Ancillary Services
    Univ Hospitals & Health Center
  • Michigan Creative always comes through even with the pickiest of clients with difficult to please expectations!

    Lorraine Robert
    Administrative Specialist
    Office of Faculty Affairs
  • Great job – great service~

    Debbie Ventura
    Department of Internal Medicine
  • Creativity and customer service

    Lisa Dodge
    Student Administration Assistant Senior
    School of Dentistry
  • Michigan Creative has been very responsive and helpful. Great resource to have on campus. Nice, professional people.

    Stephanie Schmitzer
    Lead Paralegal
    Office of the Vice President & General Counsel
  • Gosh, thank YOU. Not every team is organized enough – and well-staffed enough – to have backup people available when someone is out, for example.

    I appreciate everyone there – to a person! – being such a great model of professionalism, lightning-like quickness, and extreme helpfulness.

    You guys are beyond great to work with, and we can’t thank you enough.

    Cathy Mizgard
    Senior Writer, Creative Services
    The Office of University Development
  • Great customer service and response times. Excellent guidance and suggestions!

    Kate Rychlinski
    Assistant Director
    Risk Management
  • Fast, good input/ideas

    Laura Keller
    Research Project Manager
    MStem Cell Laboratories
  • Very helpful and nice product in the end!

    Lena Matthias
    Health Educator
    MHC Wellness & Risk Reduc Svcs
  • I really enjoy working with the Michigan Creative staff!

    Susan Slavin
    Paton Accounting Center Coordinator
    Ross School of Business
  • Michigan Creative has been a great partner through the years. They understand the Michigan brand and they are easy to work with.

    Jenny Scuccimarri
    Marketing Manager
    Alumni Association
  • Good service and quality product.

    Bill McAllister
    General Manager
    Fleet, Garage, Moving & Trucking and Waste Management Services
  • A brief, although heartfelt message to let you know how much we appreciate the marketing work you are doing for the Stumbling Blocks and U-M Bicentennial Alumni Awards — two high volume projects running alongside each other! Please know how much we appreciate your commitment to supporting these great presidential initiatives of the Bicentennial year.

    Lisa Connelly
    Senior Manager for Executive Searches, Awards, and Select Committees
    Office of the President
  • Excellent customer service.

    Becky Seiser
    Parking and Transportation Services
  • Great service and a very talented team.

    Kevin C. Bergquist
    Communications Manager
    Medical School
  • Good quality and good service.

    Judy Lawson
    Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    School of Information
  • Carly and the team provided exceptional customer service and worked to ensure our event was a success.

    Clarissa Love
    Project Manager
    Office for Health Equity and Inclusion
  • Work produced by the team at Michigan Creative — from design to video — is outstanding (top notch). The staff is creative and professional and patient with the approval process that can often be challenging. Managers help guide the workflow in a way that is helpful but not an impediment to the process. Finally, being able to charge through to an account number streamlines the process of contracting for creative services, making it easier from concept to completion.

    Elizabeth LaPorte
    Science Outreach Manager
    Graham Sustainability Institute
  • We work extensively with Michigan Creative and have for many years. They have designed all of our print marketing materials as well as our current website. They are an outstanding source of talent for the University community

    Paul Guttman
    Construction Services Manager
    AEC Construction Services
  • They do great work!

    Crystal Flynn
    Executive Assistant
    Office of the Provost
  • We have used Michigan Creative a few times for various projects, from recording focus groups to creating outwardly facing videos. They are a very flexible and professional team to work with. I had the pleasure of working with multiple members of their team. Everyone was friendly and very knowledgeable about their art. We have been extremely satisfied with all work product they have produced. I would recommend them to anyone within the University looking for creative video solutions to a project.

    Haley Stevens
    Research Coordinator
    General Surgery
  • Great to work with. Excellent work.

    Ann Hower
    Director, Office of New Student Programs
    Office of New Student Programs
  • Friendly and informative staff. Good website product in reasonable time and left our team prepared to do our own routine maintenance but is still available for more difficult issues.

    Rose Juhasz, PhD
    Research Supervisor
    Internal Medicine
  • Everyone I’ve worked with at MCreative has always been super helpful and extremely responsive.

    Angela Wegrecki
    Communications Specialist
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Attentive, punctual, creative, collaborative.

    Donna Genyk
    CF Center Coordinator and Clinical Social Worker
    Cystic Fibrosis Center
  • Great work and great people to work with!

    Erin Katz
    Assistant Secretary of the University
    Office of Vice President and Secretary of the University
  • Creative, flexible, responsive.

    Tina Mainieri
    Project Senior Manager
  • Michigan Creative provided great services as their project managers always updated and followed up the project status. In addition, they completed the project on time. We look forward to work with Michigan Creative again!

    Elyse Larsen
    Program Manager
    Michigan Sea Grant
  • Personable, professional, attentive.

    Melissa Baker-Young
    Web Project Manager
    Michigan Publishing
  • Michigan Creative does award-winning design work, they created and understand the Michigan brand, and they offer excellent customer service. They also are great partners and collaborators across the 19 schools and colleges.

    Patti Claydon
    Chief Marketing Officer
    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  • I’m so pleased with the new OEM website—it’s beautiful and we are eager to see how our content strategy pays off. Thanks to the team for pulling this project off on time and on budget.

    Betsy Brown, APR
    Director of Integrated Marketing Communications
    Office of Enrollment Management
  • I’m so pleased with the outcome of Made at Michigan. The publication has really elevated U-M’s role in entrepreneurship and innovation and brought our disparate programs and units even closer together. Thanks to MC for being a huge part in making that happen.

    Kristen Kerecman
    Marketing and Communications Manager
    Innovate Blue
  • I just finished the articles on the Heritage website, and I want to say congratulations and many kudos to all of you. The website is spectacular and the articles are very engaging. A great selection of initial pieces—really a fine sampling of University history in several dimensions. And I really appreciate that you haven’t whitewashed anything. Hard to say which are my favorites, but they’re all great. I look forward to what’s coming next. Many thanks for developing a great resource.

    Gary D. Krenz, PhD
    Executive Director of the Bicentennial
    Bicentennial Office
  • So many hard-working teams of educators do not receive public recognition for their work, so we are truly fortunate that Caring with Compassion has been selected as a 2014 recipient of the U-M Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize. My sincere congratulations and gratitude go to each of you as well as to the other contributing Michigan Creative specialists. Feedback from attendees here at the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine meeting has been highly positive.

    Davoren Chick
    Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Learning Health Sciences, Medical School
    U-M Medical School
  • Just a quick note to say thanks to you and your team for all the logo production you’ve been doing for us at SPH. People love the customized logos, especially when they learn how flexible they are and how many ways they can be used. We have student groups asking to use them and I have faculty making presentations, staff wanting templates, and envelopes and shirts and all sorts of other uses.

    Rhonda DeLong
    Director, Marketing and Communications, SPH
    School of Public Health
  • We are so pleased with the site, and getting nice compliments. A huge thank you to you and your team on a terrific outcome. We couldn’t be happier to have a site that looks great, functions well, and is mobile-friendly!

    Betsy Erikson Brown, APR
    Director, Integrated Marketing Communications
    Admissions (Undergraduate)
  • If you ever need a client testimonial for what it’s like working on a project with you, do feel free to holler at me. I’m rather amazed at your guys’ organization of all of the material/content we’ve been throwing your way, and very impressed with the quick turnaround/responses to my many many emails and requests as we worked on the CaMLA site.

    Eric Lagergren
    Multimedia Manager
    Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments (CaMLA )
  • Last night UM-Dearborn celebrated the public announcement of our $50 million Victors for UM-Dearborn campaign. Hundreds of people were on campus for a VIP dinner, the public announcement and many other related alumni/campaign events. The event was a great success. Much of this success is attributed to Michigan Creative. Your team never said no, never compromised Michigan quality or excellence and really helped my team move these projects forward in ways we never could have imagined. We cannot thank you enough for your team’s hard and great work!

    We have received so many positive comments about Legacy, our case statement, the video, and I am sure the website in the days to come (it went live late yesterday). Thanks again for everything – you all really made UM-Dearborn (and my team) look good last night!

    Ken Kettenbeil
    Vice Chancellor
  • I continue to be impressed with the data showing significant Open rates for the Michigan Impact e-newsletter. This communication vehicle is really important in my view, and I appreciate the work that is required to make it timely and relevant to alums across the state!!!

    Cynthia Wilbanks
    Vice President for Government Relations
    Office of Government Relations
  • Michigan Creative was an indispensable partner in working through the challenges of creating and instituting a unified brand identity for the Health System. It was a monumental effort and I am truly grateful for their expertise and dedication.

    Dave Brudon
    Director of Marketing
    UMHS Office of Communication
  • Michigan Creative was absolutely wonderful to work with on the beautiful Mott dedication book and brochure. I’m sure this isn’t the first time they’ve been praised, but I didn’t want to go without adding mine to the heap.

    Sara Hickey
    Administrative Manager
    C.S. Mott Children’s and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospitals
  • What I like best about Michigan Creative is not only their fantastic artistry but the fact that they always ‘smile with a twinkle in their eye’ and are able to make all our requests happen.

    Linda K. Strodtman, PhD, RN
    Assistant Professor of Nursing
    School of Nursing
  • Our event was a tremendous success and the materials were a hit. People don’t realize how much we have to do behind the scenes to pull it off. I knew I could count on Michigan Creative and, as always, they delivered.

    Kevin C. Bergquist
    Director of Communication Services
    Medical Development and Alumni Relations
  • Michigan Creative’s speed and dexterity helped us make up time and get to the printer on target despite early delays on our end. Their hard work, dedication, inspired design ideas, and production expertise made it happen.

    Cathy Mizgerd
    Senior Writer
    Development Communications