Michigan Creative has the right combination of resources, talent and extensive U-M knowledge to bring your projects to life. We also follow a thoughtful process that ensures our work is as strategic and effective as possible. While all of our clients have their own distinct needs, in general the development of print, digital and video projects tend to follow four distinct phases:

  • Discovery & Research

    Getting to know you, planning your project

    • Conduct discovery meeting to define goals and objectives
    • Create project estimate and creative brief
    • Assess client’s current situation and materials
    • Review peer materials, sites, videos and relevant research
    • Interview stakeholders and audiences (focus groups/user testing)
    • Develop a strategic brief
  • Content & Design Development

    Exploring the best ways to meet your goals and objectives

    • Conduct a content inventory and develop content strategy
    • Create and test site map and wireframes (for websites)
    • Brainstorm and develop overall themes and concepts
    • Write copy or script
    • Design layouts or storyboards
    • Present ideas to client for review and feedback
  • Production & Launch

    Bringing our strategy and creative vision to life

    • Enter the production phase (print, web or video)
    • Review print proofs, web pages and video edits throughout process
    • Receive final approvals to print or launch
    • Develop a marketing or distribution/launch plan
    • Mail/distribute print materials or launch website or video
    • Make social media, email, press announcements
  • Maintenance & Evaluation

    Keeping it fresh, measuring success

    • Create a maintenance plan/editorial calendar for the project
    • Define who will be in charge of updates and when to do them
    • Provide staff training if needed
    • Develop a project evaluation plan
    • Define who will gather and analyze metrics and when they will do it
    • Conduct debriefing meeting to review results and inform future  updates