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Maximizing Your Reach on Campus


Do you know about all of the communication tactics available across the U-M campus? From Diag boards to digital signs and the stadium marquee, there’s a huge variety of options to reach your audiences in highly visible areas on both Central and North Campus.

Free Advertising Options

The marquee outside of Michigan Stadium showing a Wellbeing campaign ad

Stadium Marquee

  • High-traffic exposure on Stadium Boulevard
  • For promotion of free events open to the public
  • Great for awareness and event-specific campaigns
  • Stadium Marquee Policy & Guidelines

Kiosk Toppers

A sidewalk with DEI banners on the lightpoles

Light Pole Banners

  • Repeat your messaging in a concentrated area for the most impactful campaigns
  • Space reservation is managed by AEC; production and installation by Outdoor Lighting
  • Ideal for awareness campaigns and targeting specific campus locations
  • U-M AEC light pole banner policy

Canvas Tout

  • Available through ITS, with limited space availability
  • For targeting U-M students
  • Must be of broad academic interest to the university community
  • Canvas guidelines

A digital sign in a campus building with an ad on the screenITS Digital Signage Community Content Feed

Paid Advertising Options

Diag Boards & Banners

SORC Digital Advertising

Bus Signs

  • Inexpensive way to convey your message to campus commuters
  • Signs distributed among 30 buses
  • Reservations made through SORC available on a week-by-week basis
  • More information about bus signs

The Record Advertising

  • Affordable way to reach U-M’s staff, faculty and retirees
  • Published in print 35 times per year
  • The Record newspaper is available on campus, via campus mail and mailed to more than 9,000 U-M retirees.
  • More information about advertising in The Record

A print edition of The Michigan Daily with a COVID safety ad in the lower right corner

The Michigan Daily Advertising

Tips provided by Liza Mondro, Production Manager at Michigan Creative