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Mechanical Engineering Brand Identity

A Case Study

The Department of Mechanical Engineering hired Michigan Creative to conduct research, evaluate their current brand and provide recommendations and creative for a new brand rollout.

Evaluating and developing the Mechanical Engineering brand

Michigan Creative conducted surveys and focus groups with U-M undergrads, CoE students and alumni to evaluate awareness and knowledge about U-M Mechanical Engineering and attitudes about future careers. We used the results to inform the rebranding of the department and their admissions materials. Before launching, all concepts were tested with students for input on the best direction.


There was a general lack of awareness about the mechanical engineering program among prospective U-M undergraduate students.


Surveys revealed that many undergrad students did not know what mechanical engineers did and that female and underrepresented students were most interested in pursuing careers where they could “make a difference” and improve the world. Developed a branding and campaign highlighting the innovation, creativity and problem solving of mechanical engineering and how it is used to improve our lives. Created a new tagline, look and feel and messaging that showcases how mechanical engineers “Make the World Work Better” in a variety of fields. Featured compelling stories about real ME students, faculty and alumni.

Project Goals

To increase applications and attract a more diverse applicant pool — especially female and underrepresented students.