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U-M Digital Tour

A Case Study

Research shows that as students narrow their college choices, they want to discover what a campus is really like. For many reasons, some families cannot make the trip to Ann Arbor to experience campus in person. We can lift awareness and engage prospective students using virtual tours, including the use of 360 videos.

With Michigan Media, we created video content for campus tours. The tours captured photos and videos of various interest points (classrooms, residence halls, study spaces, stadiums, outdoor areas) and scripted tours (central campus, north campus, school/college tours). The videos include current U-M students describing their experiences on campus.

We designed the tour website with a split screen featuring tour information (description, video, and locations featured on the tour) and an interactive campus map. We color-coded locations on the map by category and included the ability to search tours and locations. We conscientiously optimized the site for mobile devices. We also included a text-based tour for prospective visually impaired students who use screen reader software.


To introduce and intrigue students and their families to the U-M Ann Arbor campus without overwhelming them with details and options.


Launched January 2023 Positive feedback from campus partners & community New campus partners interest

Project Goals

Provide access to campus tours for prospective students who may not be able to travel to Ann Arbor
Showcase 360 videos
Provide accessible tours for prospective students who use screen reader software