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  • “Made at Michigan” Print and Digital Annual Report

    As U-M’s hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, Innovate Blue helps ensure that U-M deliver engaged learning experiences. Innovate Blue asked Michigan Creative to design an annual report, “Made at Michigan,” that would showcase U-M’s broad array of innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial ventures, and tell the story of U-M’s entrepreneurship programs.

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  • I continue to be impressed with the data showing significant Open rates for the Michigan Impact e-newsletter. This communication vehicle is really important in my view, and I appreciate the work that is required to make it timely and relevant to alums across the state!!!

    Cynthia Wilbanks
    Vice President for Government Relations
    Office of Government Relations
  • Much of our event’s success had to do with Michigan Creative’s consistently great work. They were always positive and helpful and willing to do whatever it took to simultaneously make a deadline and an exceptional product.

    Kallie Michels
    Associate Vice President

    Office of the Vice President for Global Communications